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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Close Encounters

Please excuse the absence from posting.  I've been battling a cold/allergy/sinus thing and haven't felt up to doing much other than resting during my free time.

At any rate, here are my most recent ramblings . . . . This past week, I've had two "close encounters" with nature that were quite delightful.  I went out to lunch in a nearby town with my husband and one of my girlfriends.  As we were walking down the street, we noticed a cat perched outside a window.  Nothing much unusual about that, right?  Well, what struck us was the fact that it was a second story window of an apartment above a store front.  I happened to have my camera with me, so took a few quick shots of this curious kitty.  You can see the shingles of the first floor store front roof, and also the Christmas lights wound around the balcony railing that the apartment tenant apparently hadn't taken down yet.  I don't know if the cat belonged to the apartment dwellers, or was just peeking in, hopeful they would want to adopt him.  Either way, he was fun to watch!

Then, later in the week, I came home from work one day to a terrific racket.  A large flock of Canada Geese had decided to use the fields which surround our house as a resting spot during their travels.  The honking from these guys was incredible to hear!  I ran inside to get my camera, and returned just in time to catch a few marching in a straight line across our yard to get from one field to another.  Apparently they not only fly in formation, but also parade in a similar fashion.  :)

The 1000 Gifts List continues . . .  . .(have you started yours yet???)

16.  Noticing sunrises are coming a bit earlier.  A sure sign of Spring on the way!
17.  Having lunch with friends
18.  Knowing that people are praying for me
19.  Ability to breathe after being sick
20.  Holding the hand of someone you love


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