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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unexpected Joy

This week, we had an ice storm. Schools cancelled. Tree limbs bent down or broken off, heavily laden with ice. Late yesterday afternoon, as the sun was heading lower in the sky, I happened to look out the window and gasped! Every tree and bush in the front yard was absolutely sparkling, as the sun reflected on the ice covered branches. One of the loveliest things I'd ever seen! I hurried outside with my camera, but despite my repeated attempts and messing around with the settings, I could not capture more than a mere hint of the "sparkles" in all their glory. Perhaps you can imagine from the picture what it must have been like to see each individual branch shining. Truly a gift from God. How have you begun to notice the everyday wonder? What gifts have filled you with unexpected joy this week?


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Anonymous said...

When you get internet back, you will have to check out my pics from this week. I TOTALLY agree! AMAZING God!!!