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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ahhhh - it's great to be back!

It has been a LONG TIME since my last post.  Life has been quite hectic at my household, as I attempt to balance raising our family, driving to the next town each afternoon to check on my mother at the nursing home, a part time job, responsibilities at our church, etc, etc, etc . . .   One day about a week ago, I really felt like I was "losing it."  The stress of trying to keep up with everything was really wearing me thin.  In the midst of my tears as I confessed all of this to my husband, I used the analogy of trying to keep way too many plates spinning at one time.  I realized as we were talking together that I was feeling overwhelmed, and also that I had not been taking very good care of myself physically, mentally/emotionally, or spiritually.  So, I am determined to make a fresh start and spend some time each day doing something nurturing that I enjoy. 

One of these nurturing activities that I have found is taking photos.  Disclaimer:  I have had no training, do not own any fancy equipment, nor do I intend to "quit my day job" and become a photographer.  However, I do find enjoyment in attempting to capture the beauty and wonder around me.  One of my favorite subjects is nature.  The picture posted here is from earlier this summer.  We live on a "flight path," of sorts.  The reservoir for our town is across the field behind our home, and there is a creek that cuts across the front of our property.  As a result, we get quite a bit of "traffic" from various water birds who divide their time between the reservoir and the creek, flying back and forth (usually in the early evening) over our home and yard.  We have had a White Egret who used to live on the banks of the creek, but I haven't seen him/her for a long time, so I guess there was a relocation.  Currently, we have a Great Blue Heron who visits us often, and also Canada Geese at times.  Although we see anything from one goose to an entire flock of them, one thing we have not seen until this picture was taken was baby geese.  The momma goose was very protective of her little ones.  I stood quite far back and zoomed in, fearing for my safety if I ventured any closer!  :)

My prayer is to continue to devote time and energy to nurturing activites such as photography.  When we forget to rest and play once in awhile, I think our temptation is to become so busy with "stuff," that we lose sight of what's truly important in our lives - our relationships with God, our family, and others.  May you find your "sweet spot" this week, and spend some time doing what nurtures and inspires you.  Rest is good for body and soul.

Grace and Peace,

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