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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Beauty

It's mid-October, and that means gorgeous fall leaves here in northern Ohio.  Although my allergies are less than pleased with this time of the year, my eyes and soul are soothed by time outside to enjoy all of the beauty.

As I think about the four seasons that we experience here, I believe that I resonate the most with spring and fall because they represent the greatest feelings of change to me.  In October, evidence of summer is fading.  Although the grass is still green, it does not grow as quickly (thank goodness!), and is it speckled with crunchy leaves in hues of brown, yellow, red, and orange.  Even on warmer fall days, there is just a different "feel" to the breeze, and a nagging hint in the mind of colder weather to come.  The sunrises and sunsets are richer, more vivid, and bolder during the fall.  As I look through nature pictures I have taken over the past few years, the most impressive-looking skies are always from this time of the year.  Fall is also a preparation time for family gatherings, and especially as the colder days creep upon us, a reminder of the Holy Season in the months to come.

There is much to be said about the renewal and rebirth of Spring, but I will let those thoughts and inspiration muddle around in my brain until the time comes.  These days, I want to revel in the now, and simply "be" in God's presence, straining to hear all that He is whispering on the autumn wind, as the leaves swirl around the base of the trees.  I also want to be fully present in the gift of my mother's final months - to learn and absorb for future use, her courage, her grace, and her strength.


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