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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FINALLY - Blogdom! :)

Good Morning,

(depending on when you're reading this, of course.  Here, it is 6:30am - yes, morning person!)

I have been considering a blog for several years now.  Nothing serious, just a passing thought about it now and then.  I have several blogs that I enjoy following, and I do love writing, so I knew it would come to this eventually.  What finally pushed me over the edge was my new friend Jan, who recently moved to our area from another state, and decided to start a blog about her experiences. (Thanks for the inspiration, Jan!)

I struggled for quite some time with the title.  An imposing task to encapsulate all of your thoughts into a single phrase.  And what direction would I take with this?  Also an important question. . . .  Finally I decided upon "Adventures in Wonder" because I feel it best reflects my personal philosophy.  Life IS an adventure.  Not without some twists, turns, and rough spots, of course, but an Adventure all the same.  And, for me, that sense of Wonder is key, as I wake up groggy and struggle to begin my day with my attitude in check.  I truly enjoy anticipating what God has in store for me.  There's a Contemporary Christian song from a few years back by a husband and wife duo known as "Out of the Grey," that never fails to make me smile.  The chorus and second verse:

"If I know You, You will turn this day, into a perfect surprise.
 If I know You, like I think I do, the worst of times will work out right.

So many hours spent, fearing the hours ahead.
I would do better to remember You.
For in the changing light of day, You always seem to paint the way
In softer hues and brush away my blues."

Anywho . . . . .here's goes . . .  hope you find some enjoyment in my ramblings . . .  Time to eat breakfast, roust the sleepy heads, and begin anew the "Adventure In Wonder" that is my day.

Make it a good one!
Sue :)

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