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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Beginning Toward Grace : The List (1-10)

Today, inspired by the book I've begun reading, One Thousand Gifts:  A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are, I am beginning my own list of 1000 Gifts.  Author Ann Voskamp writes that as she took up the challege of consciously looking for gifts in the everyday, she discovered that the frantic pace of her life seemed to slow as she learned to savor each moment.  My prayer is that as I begin to practice the discipline of looking for "whatever is true, noble, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy" (Philippians 4:8), I might more fully understand and live in God's Shalom.  Join me, if you wish, and let's deepen our own sense of wonder in God's world.

Here goes . . . .

1.   Watching snow softly falling
2.   Wrapping up in a blanket for a nap on a cold afternoon
3.   Warm hugs
4.   Vanilla scented lotion
5.   Steaming mug of herbal tea
6.   Delicate and colorful old tableclothes and cloth napkins
7.   Fluffy soft fur of our cat
8.   Smile on a child's face
9.   Hearing the voice of someone you love
10. Being "snowed in" for the evening

To Be Continued . . . .


1 comment:

Jan Kauffman said...


This looks like a great book and challenge. I had started a list as well, but I like your title much better - 1000 Gifts. Hope you enjoyed today's gift of a snow day and now the snow that's flurrying around.

Thanks for these words of encouragement and sharing a book with us.