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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowed In!

Earlier this week, we had snow.  Not a blizzard, mind you, but still a significant amount.  It snowed ALL day, and as the roads became more and more impassable, every event in the area was cancelled for the evening.  I settled down in my favorite place:  a well-worn recliner, with a hot drink, book, blanket, and my cat curled up on my lap.  I reflected on the snow, and on the cancellations, and decided that I LOVE being "snow in!"  There is just something so cozy about the weather howling outside, and being warm and snug within.  Being snowed in gives a person permission to just snuggle up and enjoy the simple things - good books, a favorite old movie, board games, music.  These are the "stuff of the soul."  These are the things which bring us feelings of comfort and create warm memories.  Yet, these are also the things which too often get pushed to the side because we are too busy.  How very sad!  The very activities we truly enjoy, that bring us much-needed rest, that connect us to our families, are the activities into which we place the least amount of importance.  What is there left to say, but - BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!!!  :)


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